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I seem to have no problem downloading a mod that doesn't specify what operating system it's for, and installing it, and it shows up in the game, but when I click on "buy" in the in game store, it crashes the game. I have no idea what's causing that! Thanks for any help! I'm not really sure what file type it is, I know they are all. What site do you get yours from? Cake Day. Then you can pull up next to it with a trailer and the computer help will extend the combine's pipe and unload the harvest into your trailer and continue.

Similarly if you drive next to it while it's harvesting, it'll transfer the harvest to your trailer as you go. This makes it very easy to do some of the typical farming tasks that normally require more than one person.

It also adds an aspect of time management to the game when you have multiple computer controlled helpers working your fields and need to jump around between them to support them. You also don't have to wait for your plants to grow. There are three settings to control how fast plants grow, and separately you can also speed up time by x. Machines only work at one fixed pace, though. The farming aspect of this game includes various types of grains, potatoes, beets, as well as cattle for dairy , sheep for wool , and chicken for eggs.

Additionally, you can buy green houses that you can freely place on the map to grow things such as herbs or tomatoes, and you can buy bee houses that'll produce honey. In addition to typical farming tasks, there also are some half arsed missions basically two types: one requires you to pick up something with a front loader, another requires you to mow strangely rectangular areas where grass suddenly appeared on the golf course.

You can also buy solar panels and wind energy converters, which will provide a nice consistent stream of extra income they're a little too good. I'm rating this game a 9 out of 10 because it's a good farming simulator with a very nice open world and very detailed equipment. But as I stated above, it's still a farming simulator, and not an action game, and I would not necessarily expect it to appeal to the same audience as other open world games. I had fun playing it. And it has a lot of potential. It seems like they planned it to be MUCH more than it is by now.

You may notice I listed more downs than ups It's as casual as a game could possibly be.

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Which is why most people may not even consider it a game. But if you like farming "games" You can do farming stuff.. Cool things: Lots of content. Lots of machines. And this game can be modded you can also develop your own When you create a map you can set the possible crop types so That way the game can have fun by itself while you go do other stuff in real life is that casual enough for you?

You can "play" with your friends. Although the server goes off if no player is online, they got the dedicated server project that will allow you to set persistent servers probably gonna charge for server license separately. Not cool: Livestock is too simple can be mitigated through modding.

Limited crop variety. Up to the latest version, there is a hard limitation on the number of different crops you can set your map to have. You can set your maps to have cool and unusual crops, but when you do so, you'll have to get rid of the tradicional ones. Machine-only labor. I'm pretty sure I could work most of the default map fields using only a spoon to do the soil preparation and rip the plants off barehanded in a 8h workday about 1h for the initial field or 3h if I had to dig barehanded too.

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I missed the option to buy tools instead of machines to work the smaller fields. It would greatly improve the game by replacing the "waiting" part when you get the multiple fields.

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At least for people like me who really dislikes the side missions. Sometimes you forget what the game is about. I'm playing a farming simulator and what I do while I'm playing it, obviously. Then you'll spend so much time driving trucks check my achievements to store or sell your crops you'll think it's a truck simulator. Except it's a tractor pulling the cargo. Weird balancing can be fixed through modding. Like all the games I've started playing the last few years, I started this one on the hardest difficulty setting allowed.

Apparently, it's tuned as a years range expected gameplay for 1 map.

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You feel like you're giving away your crops. The side missions make the feeling much worse about 5 min to complete a mission and get the same as your 30min gameplay complete field cycle can be fixed through modding. It simply feels surreal. A good game. The developers did a good job. Not so many new things were added. Tractors are quite good. Some tractors are too fast. I really A good game. I really expected better from Giants Software. Although it is worth the money, I had much higher expectations from this game.

If there were no downloadable mods, I would have given this 4. Thanks to mods, this game gets a 5 from me. Although I think the developers could have done a better job, its still quite a good game. This is my first farming simulator. As with other Giant Software games their game engine is outdated.

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The game has a unique following amongst those who love the series, and this version offers some exciting new options. What are mods? Mods are extensions for Farming Simulator. Have a lot of fun with Farming Simulator. Take on all the challenges of farming life, including working with animals cows, chicken and sheep , cultivating your land and harvesting crops.

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