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Thank you for your answers. I really got to find it!

Tips to Consider When Editing Hosts Files

That would be it's location. If it's not in the Utilities folder and not found by doing a search, then the previous owner apparently deleted it. If they deleted Terminal, there's no telling what else they deleted or otherwise modified. I'd suggest a fresh install of OS X. Hopefully, they delivered the original install discs along with the computer.

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If not - you may want to consider upgrading to I cannot be held responsible for the things that come out of my mouth. In the Windows world, most everything folks don't understand is called a virus. Cant find terminal. By milessthomas in forum macOS - Development and Darwin. Set the new account to use IMAP this is important.

Set the incoming mail server: Set the outgoing mail server: Set the user name: Use the password associated with your AppleID. Turn SSL on port That should do it. I haven't tested this one, but it seems pretty straightforward. It sounds like you may have to try alternate server addresses. There is some more information to be found here , as well as this previous hint about setting up iCal in Set a firmware password from the command line Sep 12, '11 I am in the middle of mass deploying thousands of new MacBook Airs at work, and all my previous tools to set the firmware password no longer work in late or newer models of Macs.

This was due to some sort of change on firmware, but I haven't dug deep enough to know what exactly changed. There is a tool called setregproptool inside the package contents of this utility. This command line tool can be used to set the firmware password on your Mac.

All Rights Reserved. Sets return status of 0 if set, 1 otherwise. Requires current password on some machines. Mode can be either "full" or "command". Full mode requires entry of the password on every boot, command mode only requires entry of the password if the boot picker is invoked to select a different boot device. When enabling the Firmware Password for the first time, both the password and mode must be provided.

Once the firmware password has been enabled, providing the mode or password alone will change that parameter only. Only required on certain machines to disable or change password or mode. Optional, if not provided the tool will prompt for the password. Access DFS shares Jul 15, '11 The storage admins where I work have gone DFS mad.

But if you're a Mac user, that would just make you plain old mad. The rumor is that Lion Visit the dfstool homepage to download it and try it out. I don't have DFS-enabled servers to test the functionality of this with. I installed and ran the tool just fine. I created a simple Automator Service, which does it for me. To optimize it I created a macro in Keyboard Maestro. When I select files or folders in Finder I call the macro and I can navigate to the target folder. It's a pretty straightforward process: The Service receives selected 'files or folders' in 'any application.

We've had similar hints before, using Quicksilver and moveAddict.

Mac OS X Snow Leopard - Wikipedia

This one uses another third-party application for the macro, but the Service works perfectly well by itself, too. I also found this old Tiger hint about enabling Cut in the Finder, but in First Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Next Last. Search Advanced. From our Sponsor Latest Mountain Lion Hints Click here for complete coverage of Lion on Macworld. User Functions Username: What's New: Hints 1 new Hints in the last 24 hours Comments last 2 days No new comments Links last 2 weeks No recent new links. What's New in the Forums?

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From Our Sponsors. Visit other IDG sites: You can download a precompiled service here. This has been tested successfully on Mac OS X This works as advertised. For some reason, however, when I install the precompiled service, while its name is "Count characters in selection," it displays in the Services menu as "Compteur de signes," which is French for character counter. If you're unfamiliar with using services in OS X, you can see this Macworld article I wrote earlier this year. We ran a hint using AppleScript to count words and characters back in , which uses a different approach, requiring that you copy text to the clipboard.

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Mac OS X Snow Leopard

There something wrong with iLife Media Browser Googling on that error led to a number of pages, including iLife: But after trying everything in that article, I still couldn't see my iPhoto images when trying to set the Desktop picture. I even tried deleting all cache files, rebooting, and a very time consuming process rebuilding the iPhoto library.

Mac 10.6 Tutorial Using the Sudo Command in Terminal

Nothing fixed the problem. This seems to be related to the size of the iPhoto library; I've only ever seen the issue on my main Mac, which has over 25, photos and videos, using GB of drive space. The workaround: While I still haven't solved the problem as it seems to be a bug in OS X itself , there is a workaround. As posted by mrkgoo in this thread on Apple's Discussion site, here's what to do: Click on the Screen Saver tab. You probably won't see iPhoto listed here, but just wait -- potentially quite a while, but keep waiting. Eventually, you will see a fully-functional iPhoto entry.

Click on the Desktop tab, and bingo, notice you now have an iPhoto entry there, too. Choose the album you want to use for the images on each connected monitor. While this is moderately annoying, it definitely works. Why does the workaround work?